Smartwatch – S1

The SI smart watch tracks time, distance travelled, steps taken, calories burnt and monitors the heart rate. Sleep management feature allows managing sleep better. Blood oxygen can also be checked with this model. Features, like receiving SMS alerts and alerts on incoming calls, are available. Simple alarm setting features are […]

Smartwtch i6 Pro Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Wristband Heart Rate Monitor / Multi-Sports Tracker Pro

The Smartwatch┬ái6 Pro in IndiA has so many set of features like keeping track of time, distance travelled, steps taken, heart rate, calories, and sleep management. SMS alert and incoming call alert are features available for better communication. You can set goals, alarms, and control camera remotely with this smart […]

Smartwatch i5 Plus Smart Bluetooth watch is a best seller

The Smartwatch i5 Plus can provide you with a variety of information like time, steps taken, distance travelled . Even calories burned during the process are recorded. This i5 plus smart wristband has a sleep management feature to track your sleep. Silent Reminder and alarm setting features allow you to […]